Tom Brown Tracker Knife by TOPS Knives

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The Tom Brown Tracker Knife is an all purpose tool that performs a multitude of survival tasks. It is designed to chop, split, carve, hammer, scrape, saw, engrave, and even break metal wire. The knife is manufactured by TOPS Knives and comes with a basic kydex sheath. High performance leather sheaths are available from Hedgehog Leatherworks.

Tom Brown Tracker Knife  T2 Tom Brown Tracker Knife

There are 2 different versions of the Tom Brown Tracker Knife: The original T1, and the brand new T2 Mini Tom Brown Tracker Knife which has been scaled down for reduced weight and bulk. Tom Brown Jr., the designer of the knife, operates one of the most renowned survival schools in the world. The Tracker Knife is the tool he developed over decades of extended wilderness living.

Tom Brown Tracker Knife - Specifications

The Tracker Knife boasts a variety of tools, making it an excellent all purpose blade. Some of the design specs are as follows:

Tom Brown Tracker Knife - History and Background

The Tracker Knife was designed by Tom Brown Jr., an expert survival and tracking instructor. His school offers a multitude of classes that focus on physical and spiritual aspects of living in the wilderness as well as defining the necessity of humans to be caretakers of the earth. Tom Brown has trained countless government agencies and thousands of students since the founding of his school in the 70s. The Tracker Knife itself became popular after the 2003 release of "The Hunted" with Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Torro.

T2 Mini Tom Brown Tracker Knife

The T2 Mini Tom Brown Tracker Knife follows the exact same design and layout as its larger brother. It is merely scaled down to reduce weight and bulk, and is made of 3/16" steel rather than the 1/4" used on the regular tracker. All in all, it is an excellent knife for those who prefer the ease of concealment that comes with a lightweight blade. While it may not chop with the same authority as the large Tracker Knife, it excels in every other task, especially carving.

Hedgehog Leatherworks Sheaths for The Tracker Knife

Hedgehog Leatherworks is a Missouri based company that specializes in custom leather sheaths for high-end knives. Their sheaths for the Tom Brown Tracker series have become a favorite among soldiers and outdoorsmen that prefer a stealth alternative to the standard kydex sheaths. The Hedgehog Leatherworks sheaths are extremely durable, silent, and comfortable to wear. Their sheaths for the Tracker Knives are worn horizontally across the lower back, as pictured in the video clip below. One of the most impressive features of any Hedgehog Leatherworks sheath is the patent pending closure mechansim. It utilizes a shock cord to pull the closure strap free of the cutting edge of a knife, thereby minimizing the possibility of cutting the sheath. This feature is available exclusively from Hedgehog Leatherworks as they have recently filed for patent rights to the invention. In order to maintain an extremely high standard of quality, Hedgehog Leatherworks products are entirely handmade in the USA.

Hedgehog Leatherworks

Tom Brown Tracker Knife - Detailed Use


Tom Brown Tracker Knife - Carving

This is the most self-explanatory feature. It is best accomplished by moving the knife in a sliding motion across the wood as you push forward


Tom Brown Tracker Knife - Chopping 1   Tom Brown Tracker Knife - Chopping 2
Tom Brown Tracker Knife - Chopping 3

The handle of the Tom Brown Tracker Knife is designed to be gripped in three different positions that allow the user to adjust the amount of power behind the swing.


Tom Brown Tracker Knife - Splitting

The Tom Brown Tracker splits easily through wood by resting the carving blade against the end of a stick, and then hammering the top of the knife with another stout piece of wood

Draw Knife

Tom Brown Tracker Knife - Draw Knife

One of the most useful functions; brace the wood strongly and then draw the knife in with two hands to create long even shavings. Perfect for making primitive bows.

Notching and Sawing

Tom Brown Tracker Knife - Notching and Sawing

The saw back edge creates a nice deep square shaped channel that is excellent for making primitive traps such as the figure-four deadfall. This picture shows the Tracker Knife notch as well as the T2 Mini Tracker Knife notch.